The Importance of an Engagement Shoot


That surreal feeling as he gets down on one knee and pops that magical question!


“Will you marry me?” and all time stands still as you are still trying to understand what on earth is actually happening right now! Then you say “I DO”… or a phrase that I will never outlive slipped through my mouth “Is it real?” GASP!


So this is where the magic begins! Or one of the biggest planned celebrations of love you will plan!


Hold tight dears because this is going to be one hell of an adventure of laughter, tears, and stress that you will remember for a very long time!


Now let’s talk business…. I am going to chit and chatter about a few reasons why I feel like an engagement photo shoot is needed and important. Take it or leave it as you wish, these are all my personal views.


A few scenarios’s for you…. You hate being in front of a camera while your partner loves it, your partner hates being in front of the camera and you love it (good for you), You both hate being in front of the camera, you both love being in front of the camera (Whohoooo)


Whether you love it or hate it, it is really an awesome thing to do! You get a few amazeballs shots of the two of you celebrating your blissful engagement.


Love it or hate it, I would highly recommend doing one! Finding the right photographer for your wedding day usually starts off with an engagement session. Or if you book your wedding photographer straight away because you LOVE their style, still do one, if it isn’t included in your wedding package. It gives you as a couple, a chance to get used to a 3rd wheel in your personal space while trying to be as you as possible! And it also really gives the photographer a chance to see what suits and what doesn’t suit you.


Myself as a photographer, I always like to tell my clients “I’m not here, just do your thing”. Whether that means walking in a circle 5 times while whispering to each other then that’s it! You will be surprised at the moments we are able to capture when we don’t tell you what to do.


Choosing the place and time for your engagement shoot is very important. The place can be anything really, even in your own home, sessions are the most personal. Remember when choosing your location to keep in mind your wedding venue. If, like me, you are getting married in a forest, go for something opposite for your engagement otherwise you will have similar images, scenery wise. That is definitely one thing I would have changed is my location for our engagement shoot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pictures but if I did it again, I would switch it up.


Choose a location that is meaningful to both of you. This is very important! If staying at home in your PJs and watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn is what you want to do, do it! Just make sure you wear clean socks.

At the end of the day, it is really special to have images to reflect on. They are a huge investment in your past, present, and future down the line. As Nike would say “Just do it”!


I hope this was helpful and you are feeling totally inspired to get out there in front of the lens and have the time of your life!




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